Customers Reviews

I was so surprised that the prices of their products are very low. The quality of the textile used is top-notch. The stitching is world-class. And the styles of the various jackets, sweaters, and shirts are also amazing to see. I never thought that they would put such an affordable price for their clothes.
Christian Van Buaer
Dance Instructor
If I had to pick a favorite brand, I have got to say that Hip Hop Chicks is the one. I always have one in my wardrobe at least once a week. This is how much I love wearing their streetwear. I believe that they will also be releasing a line of shoes for their clients. I can’t wait to buy one for myself.
Denice Stuart
Fashion Blogger
I love the feel of the clothes on my skin. They are comfortable and easy to wear. I do not have to give too much of an effort when dressing up because the clothes that I bought from them increases the level of style for my wardrobe. I want to buy more to get more voucher codes from them.
Michelle vd Laan
Fashion Blogger
The products that they sell in their shop online are different from the ones that they sell in their stores. I went to a shop once during my Amsterdam city trip and I did not see the item that I bought from them when I did my shopping online.
Paula Van Huessen
Tour Guide
Make sure that you look for promo codes from their partner sites to get discounts on apparel and other hip hop clothing. Their products are already affordable, to begin with. But with the special discounts that I got, I was able to save as much as half the price for a jacket.
Jack Buiten
Fashion Model