What is Hip Hop Chicks?

Hip hop Chicks is a brand of urban clothing and street apparel made especially for women. We have physical stores and a shop online. You are currently in one of our online shops like Lazada and Zalora. You can get a lot of clothing and apparel from our shops if you are aiming for a hip hop or an urban look.

What style should I have?

Our products can be used by anyone and everyone who want to stand out. You can wear Hip Hop Chicks whenever you are at home when you are going to work, or even when you are just doing your usual Amsterdam city trip or Amsterdam dinner cruise. Walk in style with a Hip hop Chicks apparel.

What are the types of products that you sell?

We have jackets, shoes, skateboards, and other accessories available both from our brick and mortar stores as well as our shop online. You can purchase all of them by just checking out which ones you like and then paying for them on checkout. It is really easy to buy items from our shop.

What are the modes of payment for your shop online?

You can pay by cash on delivery, by credit card, by debit card, and by PayPal. You can input your personal information on our website so that you do not have to re-type all your data every time you buy products from us. Be sure to check your mailing address to prevent any problems for the courier.

Why are the products only for women?

We believe in the empowerment of women. One way to do this is to give women the freedom to choose the clothing that they want to wear. Urban clothing is fun, is comfortable, and very relaxing to be in. Women should be able to put on clothes that they like and they should not spend too much on one item.

How do I get discounts for products?

You can get some coupon codes on products by just doing an opt-in to our site. Getting discounts on items can also be received if you buy in bulk or want to resell our products online.